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Stop living in everyone else's dream. Embrace your vision, it has purpose.

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We understand the challenges of balancing adversity and diversity at home or in the workplace can make the thought of being joyful seem impossible. Our mission is to restore hope and power to all women who have lost their purpose and happiness - you can have both and you deserve it.

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Transformational Speaker, Author,
Certified & Master Life Strategist
Happiness ~ Self-Love ~ Purpose

One of the hardest things I had to do to reinvent myself, admit who I was in all ways during my most vulnerable moments. I had to change on purpose and rewrite my unfamiliar story...alone.  My new story was fueled from pain, betrayal, heartbreak, and most importantly failure.  Once I let go of unforgiveness and started loving myself unconditionally, my voice became powerful.

I am happy. I am free. Living my best life intentionally.

My passion for speaking was designed to empower others to "ignite the woman in hiding" by introducing teachable ways to maintain it personally or professionally. When an individual can understand their purpose and how to control their emotions life can be viewed differently.

Be purposeful to look for happiness in positive and productive ways that challenge you not trigger you. ​

We may not have had a choice to choose our past.  We ALL have POWER to change the narrative of our future - Survivor

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Hey Sis,

Unpack the old baggage. Shop for new luggage.

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