2nd Place

2nd Place

2nd Place


You almost beat me to the finish line, but failed

My presence will always be a mist, you will either be canned or dismissed

You will always wonder if you did it better; created, influenced, or inspired it

Always know I lit the flame, continue carrying my torch after all you needed was a little fame

Why you were plotting on my absence, I seen your irrelevance

I have set a standard beyond your IQ you will never be as good as me...fool

You lack courage; self-respect, love for yourself, integrity, womanly morals and values

I believe your characteristics are from the dollar menu

Your motivation is led by jealously and self-destruction

You felt the need to take bite of my meat

How was it?

Are you still trying to be me?

Do yourself a favor stop trying be something you’re not

You will never have my #1 spot

I’m original, one of a kind, loving, and damn good woman

Do you mind?

I won my title fair and square

Why you ask?

Women like me are special and rare

You didn’t win the race

Truly don’t have what it takes to be in 1st place

Are you sure you want to continue eating off my plate?

I hope you are enjoying my heartache of leftovers

You will never be my competition

Did I forget to mention?

2nd place is where you will always be

Deal with that fb status not me