American Life Poem

American Life Poem

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American Life


When the color of your skin is an imminent threat even when the person is defenseless

Leaders of power influence colorism and hate

Black Lives Matter is seen by others as controversial statistical chatter “All Lives Matter”

Protesting is hostile and destructive only because “I Can’t breathe” was not a sign of injustice

Imbedding in our sons, nephews, and significant other - no sudden moves, hands up is effortless and safest surrender

 Allowing a Black President for 8 years should have justified any racial tension

Police brutality is a team effort – standing there watching a team member use questionable force on another person who is crying for help is just as guilty as the one causing discomfort

Criticized for wearing stereotypical clothing; using slang, playing loud music, and smoking weed yet we are needed to play on a basketball or football team

Bi-racial individuals should get hate at discount rate. Nope one ounce of blackness cleans that slate. Do not be ashamed of who you are, welcome to our equal opportunity world

Some embrace the color of their skin others bleach it to fit in

Single moms are forced to lead when black men are unfairly invited to prison parties

No matter the crime – authority figures wearing badges will get off in time, victim’s families are heartbroken in disbelief to say their final goodbye

Crimes are socially constructed - lighter skin lesser sentence, darker complexion could result in being convicted a crime without proper evidence and 20 years later become free with little to no remorse for wrongful conviction. The televised show Skin Jeopardy has won again

When will skin not dictate other’s sin?

Welcome to America

Will it ever end?