Baby Daddy Syndrome

Baby Daddy Syndrome

Baby Daddy Syndrome


It was love at first sight. You never felt this way about a man. First everything; love, kiss, sexual partner, a “real man” thought you would never encounter.  He may be 2 to 15 years older, nice build, intense swag, while you love to hang on his broad shoulders. Completing your mind, body, and soul in every way.  Deep in thought I will be married one day. Things are falling in place, he’s a provider, support system, comforter, and friend.  Thank God, you have found true love until the end. Love is so strong, you are smiling, glowing and overjoyed.  Only to discover you are pregnant with either girl or boy.  There’s no doubt in your mind this man loves you, he will always be there to hold you down

Slowly the atmosphere has changed; your body is no longer the same.  Lately, there’s frequent arguments over small things. Together you are drifting away.  The baby requires all of you and your time, he leaves without a kiss or saying goodbye. Shake it off! It’s just stress…..calling the best friend like “Girl I’m so tired of this mess!”  Telling yourself everyone goes through “normal relationship blues” while convinced you know just what to do.  Be more submissive, go beyond the comfort zone, doing whatever he wants to avoid being alone.  Bargaining with self-worth, silently crying with guilt and hurt

Waking up in an empty bed.  No missed calls, text, emails, updated Facebook or Instagram status.  Dazed from the disrespect; no acknowledgement--- no regrets.  Hating yourself for seeing the signs, polishing them over them with sex, forgiveness, and time.  Plenty of people said ‘walk away”.  Loving him in every way possible.  Accepting his flaws, magnifying his faults and diminishing his good ways, would be so wrong. Singing to yourself “my man loves me; no matter how many times he cheated, threaten, physically or verbally abused me.  This is my family and my situation’s not as bad as Keisha’s.

I’m just saying”

His presence is needed, unfortunately the other chick succeeded.  Giving him all of you wasn’t enough, honestly you had to stay in the ring to be tough.  Using the pain as strength; tears as fuel, disrespect, lack of love as motivation, and scars as proclamation. Girl, please let this Baby Daddy Syndrome be a figment of your imagination