Best Friend

Best Friend

Best Friend


Long time no see; Where have you been?  Why are you hiding from me?  I’ve missed you so much; all the singing, laughing, and self-motivating pep talks

Admiring your beauty and flaws.  Pampering, and dancing while doing the “I’m cute” glances in the mirror—you know that works, showing me unconditional love most of all

Things have not been the same between us.  You don’t look at me like you use to, eating everything for comfort, sleeping for numbness.  Purposely drifting away from taking photos; smiling to keep from crying, and laughing just to lessen the anxiety or to feel included

I love you!

How can that be? 

We are one of the same.  Girl, you know me!

I know we don’t always agree but together we can make it through anything

Let me be the first to say what I see

A beautiful, vibrant, silly, happy, wonderful queen.  Who brightens up the room with her genuine smile; showing love to all while peacefully taming the wild.  A heart made of gold; so many unclaimed talents, her gifts are unmeasurable even the president cannot touch or hold.  Encouraging others with her strong beliefs and testimonies.  Her love is not controlled by worldly things, fame or money.  Quitting is never an option.  She has two upcoming powerful princesses who call her mommy.  When options seemed few—prayer, faith and obedience was the only right thing to do.  Humbleness is her safety net

Come in a little bit closer.  Do you see her yet?

Keep coming you’re almost there 


Lift your head

Wipe your eyes

Focus on what you see

Being without you is a place I never want to be…