Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Bottom Line...


I need you to validate my feelings with words/actions, make me feel like a priority

This is not the first-time things have not been addressed or you stood me will be the last

I believe you want/need me in your life, problem is you don’t know how or where to include me

This feels one sided – we are associates not lovers/friends

I need you to take your mask off with me, I fell in love with for who you are - good, bad, and ugly

I shouldn’t have to use my spiritual gift (discernment) to find out what’s going on since you don’t or won’t communicate

I need you to trust us - “OUR PROCESS”

Communication has always been a struggle for us, I cannot to do it alone

I am not receiving what I’m giving

If I have to beg you for what I don’t deserve me

If things don’t change...our status will