Dear Sister Poem

Dear Sister Poem

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Dear Sister

I dare you to believe in yourself, love yourself, challenge yourself.  Look in the mirror and breathe.  Know that you are beautiful, talented, one of a kind.  When did you get to be so fine?  Beauty is not defined by what you have materialistically, only what lives internally.

Think about the past as an outline of what life once was.  Leave it as a reflection in your rear view.  Pain only lives as you resuscitate or self-medicate.  Acceptance of lessons are the true in-depth blessings.  All those who said you were uncapable are now asking “How did she”?  So, let them know . . .

I decided to make myself fearless, turn my ideas into prototypes and made the impossible tangible.  All I needed was the opportunity of knowing I will. I can. So, I did.