Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice


Giving up, a strange place of reckless comfort; guilty unwanted pleasure, unintended, or required hope 

It can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual

It causes you to lose (if you have not already) the personalized glow, ability to smile, happiness, enjoying yourself and anyone else for that matter

Allowing yourself to be pushed so far back in the closet---slowly, slithering through darkness. Find a way out? . . .crawl to freedom

Happiness becomes fear and smiling is a sin

Loneliness has settled deep within in the soul, piercing through your eyes, becoming an awful new skin tone

Chaos is the craved controlled substance; yelling, swearing, blaming, irritation, anger, self-pity, disrespect, and humiliation are the newest hype rap lyrics

Worthlessness is your new ride, smoothly transporting, supporting you while driving to the structural foundation of your new home-----misery; with a stairway to hellish destruction, horseshoe driveway of no return